GOP Candidates

The following 17 candidates have been listed in five or more major independent nationwide polls.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

As of May 4, 2016 Donald Trump is the only remaining candidate for the Republican Ticket.                              


Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Dropped Out

Ted Cruz_Circle

Ted Cruz Dropped Out


Lindsey Graham_Circle

Lindsey Graham Dropped out

Carly Fiorina_Circle

Carly Fiorina Dropped Out


Cris Christie Dropped Out

Rick Santorum_Circle

Rick Santorum Dropped Out

Rand Paul_Circle

Rand Paul Dropped Out

Mike Huckabee_circle

Mike Huckabee Dropped Out

  Marco Rubio_CircleJohn Kasich_CircleGeorge Pataki_Circle
Bobby Jindal_CircleJim Gilmore_Circle

Dropped Out

Dropped Out


Rick Perry_Circle

        Dropped Out