June TCRCC Meeting

June 6th, 7pm, Officers mess Hall, Port of Tillamook Bay. Welcome New PCPs and guest all are welcome.

Join us at our next TCRCC Meeting

We are meeting April 4th at 7:pm at Officer’s Mess Hall, Port of Tillamook Bay. 

The agenda file is attached and we have a statewide candidate for the

Secretary of State’s office, Brent Baker Attending.

Remember that guests, family and the public are invited to attend.

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February 1st, 7pm, at the Officers Mess Hall, Port of Tillamook Bay.

I have had requests from several people to attend our meeting and have extended invitations to others to attend.  I am not sure who will be there as a guest at the moment but will include their information when I send out an agenda.


  • 7PM – Invocation & Flag Salute
  • Introductions: PCP’s and Guests
  • Minutes:
  • Treasurer’s Report:
  • Chairman’s Report:
  • Discuss Forming Subcommittees for PCP Director and Election Integrity
  • 2024 Home and Garden show April 20 -21: $429.00 for booth with a 1/8th page advertisement
  • Tillamook Gun Show April 6-7:
  • ORP State Central Committee March 15-16, North Bend, Oregon
  • Christy Biggs, Tillamook County Clerk to hold classes for poll monitors, dates and times will be announced when known
  • Subcommittees
  • Membership: accreditation
  • Fund Raising:
  • Budgeting:
  • Publicity:
  • Auditing:
  • Nomination:
  • Fair Booth:
  • Open Floor
  • 7. Good of the Order, Adjournment
  • 8. 50/50
  • The Tillamook County Central Committee (TCRCC) is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC) with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office (Ore. SOS ID# 340). Its stated purpose is to “Support Republican candidates and ideals”. All contributions up to $50 can be deducted from your state income tax. An individual taxpayer can deduct up to a total of $50 or married couples filing jointly can deduct up to a total of $100. As of January 1, 2014, there was an income limitation for the Oregon Political Tax Credit. The credit is eliminated for contributors with federal adjusted gross income of over $200,000 for a joint return and $100,000 for other individual tax returns. An individual’s political donations are not deductible for federal tax returns. At this time, all correspondences with TCRCC can be directed to: TCRCC c/o Michael Sears – Chairman, 28475 Sandlake Rd., Cloverdale, OR 97112. The phone associated with TCRCC is 503-965-7736, Chairman. The website associated with TCRCC is: www.tillamookgop.org.

TCRCC Meeting Dec. 7th 2023

Meeting at the Officers Mess Hall, Port of Tillamook Bay at 7pm.  Please bring your favorite holiday cookies or treats.
Hope to see you there!

Oct. 5th TCRCC Meeting

Our next meeting will be at the Officers Mess Hall, Port of Tillamook at 7pm.  

We will BE covering the October ORP convention and finalize our representatives.

Next TCRCC Meeting

 August 3rd again at the Officers Mess, Port of Tillamook Bay at 7pm.

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