Join us at our next TCRCC Meeting

We are meeting April 4th at 7:pm at Officer’s Mess Hall, Port of Tillamook Bay. 

The agenda file is attached and we have a statewide candidate for the

Secretary of State’s office, Brent Baker Attending.

Remember that guests, family and the public are invited to attend.

  1. 7PM – Invocation & Flag Salute
  2. Introductions: PCP’s and Guests
  3. Minutes:
  4. Treasurer’s Report:
  5. Chairman’s Report:
    A. Appointment of Alternate-Vice Chairman
    B. Tillamook Gun Show April 6-7: Schedule volunteers
    C. Raffle Licensing: A tax exempt group existing for more
    than one year are not required to obtain a raffle license
    if their anticipated sales are under $10,000.
    D. North Bend State Central Committee Meeting:
    Comments by Mike Hanratty and Mike Sears
  6. Good of the Order: Glen Miller, CD 1 Treasurer, report
  7. Open Floor
  8. 50/50

The Tillamook County Central Committee (TCRCC) is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC) with the
Oregon Secretary of State’s office (Ore. SOS ID# 340). Its stated purpose is to “Support Republican candidates and
ideals”. All contributions up to $50 can be deducted from your state income tax. An individual taxpayer can deduct
up to a total of $50 or married couples filing jointly can deduct up to a total of $100. As of January 1, 2014, there
was an income limitation for the Oregon Political Tax Credit. The credit is eliminated for contributors with federal
adjusted gross income of over $200,000 for a joint return and $100,000 for other individual tax returns. An
individual’s political donations are not deductible for federal tax returns. At this time, all correspondences with
TCRCC can be directed to: TCRCC c/o Michael Sears – Chairman, 28475 Sandlake Rd., Cloverdale, OR 97112.
The phone associated with TCRCC is 503-965-7736, Chairman. The website associated with TCRCC is:

The Forgotten Constitution of the United States
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