Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017


We, the Oregon Republican Party, in support of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; to ensure justice, order, domestic tranquility, and the general welfare; as one nation under God; support ethical and accountable candidates and public officials who advocate these principles and those stated in this platform.

Law and Criminal Justice

The Oregon Republican Party believes the U.S. Constitution and Oregon Constitution are the highest laws of the land, and that all other laws must be consistent with them; that laws for the punishment of crime shall be founded on these principles: protection of society, personal responsibility, accountability for one’s actions and reformation; to preserve and protect the rights of crime victims.

2.1 We support the highest budget prioritization for the funding of public safety with appropriate truth in sentencing and mandatory minimum sentences; using enforcement as a deterrent, even including the use of the death penalty.

2.2 We believe all courts should exercise judicial restraint, not activism when interpreting our constitutions and statutes. We support election and appointment of justices who support constitutional principles.

2.3 We support Oregonians’ right to privacy, specifically including personal possessions and electronic records, from mass surveillance, search or seizure, unless authorized by a specific warrant based on probable cause.

2.4 Oregon residents shall be given the full justice of the civil court system, including equal discovery rights and a fair hearing before an administrative agency can revoke rights, institute fines or invoke other penalties.

2.5 We support the analysis of addictive and social conditions that contribute to violent crimes so that solutions can be implemented.

2.6 We are concerned about the rising level of corruption and lack of accountability under law, especially for the politically powerful, and support the equal application of laws to all Americans, without regard to race, creed, wealth or power.

2.7 We believe in the right of individual owners to be secure in their property, and therefore oppose legal system overreach such as civil asset forfeiture and eminent domain seizures where property is given to a third party.

2.8 We support Oregon public safety officers, but seek to promote traditional conceptions of locally-based officers serving their communities, and condemn political interference in law enforcement decisions, including responses to public protests in Oregon.

2.9 We support the local Sheriff as being the highest law enforcement authority within each county.

Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017


The Oregon Republican Party believes that free market capitalism, private property rights, low taxation, minimal regulation and government intervention are the foundations of a vibrant and prosperous economy.

3.1 In order for a free economy to exist, government should recognize the supremacy of individuals and corporations to enter into contracts with one another, free from interference.

3.2 The supply and demand for goods, services and labor costs shall be determined by the free market. Government must not create, own, operate, subsidize or assume control of any private business, nor be party to any enterprise, which could be operated privately. Government-provided services should not create undue burdens on the free market.

3.3 We believe in the right to work. Employees should be free to choose whether or not to join a union as a condition of employment. Employers should be allowed to hire the bestqualified employees.

3.4 Private property rights (including, but not limited to, water, mineral, land sales and development rights) are the wellspring of economic prosperity. Private property owners should be fairly compensated for any regulations that diminish property values. We support repealing and reforming overly restrictive land use laws and plans.

3.5 We believe a vibrant economy will flourish when the Federal Reserve is not allowed to weaken sound money and interfere with free market financial returns.

3.6 We believe that no corporation should be above the law. We do not support bailouts; business should be allowed to succeed or fail.

3.7 Oregon governments need to aggressively manage their spending and reduce all forms of debt, primarily PERS debt, in order for a prosperous economy to exist.

3.8 Affordable homes are a sign of a healthy economy. We believe and encourage private sector solutions to the housing crisis in Oregon.


The Oregon Republican Party believes that all children deserve access to a quality education. From birth, parents and legal guardians have the primary right and responsibility to educate their children in the manner they choose.

4.1 Teaching the basic principles of our Constitutional Republic is an essential foundation of education and ensures the success of future generations.

4.2 We support reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in our school classrooms. A sense of national pride and respect for the American Flag must be instilled to all students at an early age.

4.3 All students should be brought to English fluency.
Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017

4.4 Educational choice and competition are the most effective mechanisms for improving the quality of education. Funding for education should support the parents’ choice of educational options.

4.5 We support the option for parents to homeschool their children.

4.5 The education of children must emphasize factual and unbiased information and practices.

4.6 While recognizing the need for rigorous standards, we support minimum testing to ensure students are meeting grade level requirements.

4.7 Parents, legal guardians, teachers, and community members, through their locally elected school boards, are the primary influence over education policy, curriculum, standardized testing, and the allocation and distribution of state educational funds.

4.8 Schools must provide information and opportunities to support technical, trade, and military careers.

4.9 We support using competition, technology, market forces, and faith partnerships to provide quality post-high school education through college or vocational training.

4.10 It is the role of the parent or legal guardian to direct topics of education in sexual matters, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, ethics, and moral values. Governmental or public agencies shall obtain written parental permission before discussing sex-related subjects with minor age children.

4.11 Parents or legal guardians are the final authority in deciding what is best for their children. Parents must receive full disclosure and have given written permission before all health-related services, outside referrals, content, and materials are disseminated to their children.

Natural Resources and Environmental Stewardship

Oregon’s natural resources, when managed responsibly, are vital to our state’s environment, economy, and prosperity. We believe that our government exists by the consent of the governed, and support the free market system with minimal regulation. We believe that individual property owners and local citizens are the best stewards of our natural resources. The principal function of government is to protect the unalienable God-given rights of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

5.1 We support multiple uses of our public lands and waters with minimal government interference. This includes, but is not limited to, agriculture, logging, mining, tourism, power generation, recreation and commercial fishing.

5.2 We support and encourage the transfer of federally administered lands to local control, as provided for in the Oregon Act of Admission, 1859 (Enabling Act).

Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017

5.3 We strongly support and encourage the use of the “Coordination” process, as defined by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, by local governments to ensure federal projects are consistent with local plans, economy, culture, and history.

5.4 The 1906 Antiquities Act was adopted to protect antiquities and should not be used as a tactic by public officials to take private lands or restrict the use of public lands. We oppose the withdrawal, use, or taking of public lands to create wilderness, monument or any other restrictive categories without approval from Congress and approval of the people of Oregon. We oppose any land management agency denying access to, or use of, publicly owned lands by temporary administrative restrictions such as “In support of Pending Legislation.”

5.5 We support the State’s primacy over the Federal government in relation to state waters.

5.6 Water rights are real property rights, and we support the Constitutional protection of surface and groundwater rights.

5.7 All hydropower in Oregon is renewable energy. We oppose the breaching of dams and encourage expanded water storage capacity, including groundwater recharge, to provide adequate water resources and flood control.

5.8 We support and promote the security of individual property rights and oppose taking of private property without just compensation. 5.9 We respect the right of private landowners to take reasonable steps necessary to protect their property, and we support adjusting the laws to respect those rights.

5.10 We oppose the sale of Oregon mineral resources, such as uranium or strategic rare earth minerals to foreign interests that may use such substances to endanger national security.

5.11 We support the constitutional protection of private property rights, including the rights of prospectors and small-scale miners.

5.12 We oppose international environmental treaties or agreements with organizations using environmental issues for social engineering and/or global control.

5.13 We believe individuals have the right to protect themselves, livestock and domesticated animals from predators, regardless of the predators’ species federal or state protection status, without federal or state interference.

5.14 We oppose reintroduction or protection of any fish, wildlife, or plant species in Oregon unless there is valid, peer-reviewed scientific data and consent of state and local government.

5.15 We oppose the use of the Equal Access to Justice Act, to recover any attorney fees for Natural Resources advocacy groups.

5.16 We support and recognize the Oregon and California Revested Lands Act of 1937 (Popularly known as the O&C Act) as being vital to Oregon’s economy and schools and oppose set-asides that remove public land from sustained-yield timber production.

Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017

5.17 We believe Oregon can have both clean air and a healthy community with fair and reasonable air quality regulations. We do not support regulations that cause undue burdens to Oregon businesses.

5.18 We support removing the authority of Regional government or service districts over local cities and counties.

5.19 We support de-listing, at the earliest opportunity, of listed species protected by the state or federal government, based on the complete and timely implementation of the Recovery Plans, or there is a low probability of recovery.

5.20 The lack of healthy forest management in Oregon has substantially harmed communities. We support the streamlined reduction of hazardous fuels and expedited harvesting of burned timber resources to reduce future wildfire hazard and intensity on publicly managed lands.


The Oregon Republican Party believes that the traditional family, formed through the marriage of one man and one woman, is ordained by God our Creator and is the foundation of our society. This environment is optimal for raising children to be responsible, self‐sufficient, productive citizens.

6.1 We believe government intervention involving the family must be kept to an absolute minimum and be subject to due process.

6.2 Marriage is between one man and one woman.

6.3 Every person has a fundamental right to life that begins at conception and endures to the natural conclusion of life. We strongly oppose abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide, including any government funding of these deadly practices.

6.4 Republicans advocate for adoption and life-affirming pregnancy.

6.5 Republicans advocate for a child’s health, well-being and security. When a court of law determines parents to be unfit to raise children, state and local governments have the responsibility to intervene. In those cases, the grandparents or other immediate family members shall be given first consideration for guardianship.

6.6 We support measures that will protect the integrity of the family from matters that contribute to the breakdown of the family. We oppose sexual exploitation, human trafficking, pornography, and prostitution because they are degrading and exploitative.

Foreign Policy

The Oregon Republican Party believes that all foreign policy decisions must adhere to the United States Constitution and be based upon the security interests, sovereignty, and well-being of the United States.

Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017

7.1 The position of the United States in world affairs is based upon our freedoms, moral standing, economic prosperity, effective diplomacy, free and equitable trade and a strong military.

7.2 We support the expenditures of Foreign Aid that are solely in the vital national security interest of the United States and should be withheld from nations and groups that work contrary to this interest.

7.3 We support the promotion of American principles such as individual liberty and human rights. We support measures that oppose genocide, abortion and religious and political persecution.

7.4 We believe in the sovereignty of all nations and reject nation building. Peaceful, free nations should not be deprived of the right to defend their continued existence and independence.

7.5 We stand with and support the sovereign right to exist of threatened countries such as Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, and Ukraine. We support continued arms sales to Taiwan and recognize our agreements and obligations to defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression. We believe the United States “one China” policy must evolve into a “one democratic China” policy,

7.6 We reluctantly accept that the no new negotiations will deter the aggression, or threats of aggression, by North Korea or Iran. We support the necessary use of force to resolve such situations in the best interest of the United States.

7.7 We recognize that violent, radical, Islamic Jihadists and other groups who have, by their actions, declared war on America and that the U.S. Government needs to be clear about this. We believe that a criminal justice approach to combating terrorist acts of war is insufficient and we support using all Constitutional means available and necessary to combat and end this threat. The United States must not tolerate terrorist actions or nations that enable terrorism. This in no way legitimizes depriving U.S. citizens of their Constitutional rights.

7.8 The United States shall defend its sovereignty and is solely responsible for its national defense, free from foreign interference. We oppose programs such as the United Nations Agenda 2030 policy, and related initiatives, to cede jurisdiction, to relinquish any control over the United States, its citizens, military, territories or resources, or to cede taxing authority in violation of the U.S. Constitution to any world body such as the United Nations, the World Court, the International Monetary Fund or the World Trade Organization. We oppose United Nation efforts to subvert our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

7.9 We urge the technical and military superiority of the United States through continued development of advanced military weapon systems, including antimissile and other systems to protect our national infrastructure and citizenry.

7.10 We affirm that the President of the United States must adhere to the Constitutional separation of powers by seeking and receiving Congressional authorization for any act of war or seeking and receiving Senate approval for any treaty.
Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017

7.11 We support national initiatives to profoundly improve cyber-security at all levels. We believe foreign-initiated cyber-attacks, including election interference, should be countered with appropriate active responses, including consequences for nationstates that host, sponsor, or for any reason fail to end these attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice.

7.12 We support repatriation of artifacts or cultural property stolen from any foreign ally of the United States.

Government Spending

The Oregon Republican Party believes in limited, accountable, efficient and transparent government at all levels, which performs its core constitutional functions, in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

8.1 We expect that all levels of government operate within a zero-based balanced budget which includes: eliminating unfunded mandates, not incurring new debt, not increasing taxes and/or fees, and eliminating the practice of year-end budget adjustments.

Health Care

Families and individuals have the sole responsibility and right to make their own healthcare decisions. A free market system of health insurance and health care delivery is the surest way to provide high-quality, affordable health care that preserves individual freedom and privacy. We advocate the protection of the physician-patient relationship, the promotion of competition and the provision of individual choice.

9.1 We support the elimination of government barriers, incentives or mandates that limit an individual’s health insurance and health care options or increase the costs for individuals, families, groups, and employers.

9.2 We support the removal of barriers in Oregon law to the marketing of healthcare and insurance solutions.

9.3 We support the fundamental and inalienable right of an individual to seek out and pursue the health insurance, health sharing networks, and health care services of their choosing, with full informed consent.

9.4 We are committed to aggressively pursuing tort reform legislation to help avoid the practice of defensive medicine, to keep healthcare costs low and improve healthcare quality.

9.5 We support the repeal of the federal “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” and oppose any efforts to implement similar provisions at the state level.

Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017


The Oregon Republican Party recognizes that securing our national borders is essential to ensure the sovereignty and safety of our state. We encourage legal immigration and value the many contributions of legal immigrants.

10.1 All state and local government agencies and elected officials shall work together and support federal agencies to enforce immigration laws. Employment eligibility is imperative, and violations by employers must be prosecuted without exception.

10.2 Amnesty, or the designation of any city, county or jurisdiction in Oregon as a sanctuary for illegal aliens, shall not be allowed.

10.3 English shall be the official language of Oregon, and all government business conducted therein.

10.4 Taxpayer-funded public services, privileges, and entitlements shall not be provided to illegal aliens, with the exception of life-saving emergency medical services.

Individual Liberty and Limited Government

We agree with our nation’s founders that our unalienable rights are endowed by our Creator and that government, without the consent of the governed, is tyranny. Local, state and federal government shall not infringe upon our individual rights, freedoms and private property as well as the security of our private communications, transactions or movements. We affirm that the powers of the federal government are limited to those enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and restricted by the 9th and 10th amendments and subject to rescission under Article 5.

We support placing a reasonable limit on the number of bills that are submitted in the Oregon Legislature during each legislative session in order that state legislators have the time to give due and proper consideration to each of them. We further believe that bills in the legislature should be simple, succinct and single subject, as per Oregon Constitution, Article 4, section 21.
Senior Citizens

12.1 We support and value senior citizens and their unalienable rights; among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

12.2 Their life experiences, institutional knowledge, wisdom and continuing contribution to society are invaluable.

12.3 Social Security income received by senior citizens should be free from all forms of taxation.

Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017
Rules and Regulations

The Oregon Republican Party affirms the importance of necessary and locally-appropriate Rules and Regulations that promote confidence in our economy among individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

13.1 We support those rules and regulations that protect free enterprise and personal freedom.

13.2 We support regulatory reduction in Oregon, by eliminating outdated rules and regulations.

13.3 We believe that government should recognize that temporary tax benefits are a poor counterbalance to permanent regulation when attempting to attract private business investment.


It is an unalienable right of all people to use any reasonable and necessary force to defend their homes, protect themselves, others and their property without fear of criminal or civil reprisal. All law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms in a manner of their choosing without government interference.

Each Oregon school district should encourage trained district personnel to be armed to protect themselves and their students from violence.

Election Integrity

We believe that to protect the value of each constitutionally-qualified Oregon vote, each voter must prove their United States citizenship, Oregon residency, and legal voting age of 18. We support all measures to ensure timely delivery of ballots to all military personnel and to Oregon citizens living internationally. Election operations shall be transparent. Ballot signature verification needs to be part of the voting process. Penalties for election law violations must be severe and consistently enforced. Valid voter registration should be based on an actual individual choice to register. In support of the United States Constitution, we oppose the National Popular Vote Movement, in order to maintain the Electoral College as it stands.

Veterans and Military Personnel

The Oregon Republican Party supports a strong military, which is the backbone of our country’s freedom.

16.1 We support the best available training and equipment for our military personnel.

16.2 We support our veterans receiving the benefits, honors, and services they have earned; this includes receiving the highest quality of timely medical care from the medical practitioner of each veterans’ choosing whether from the Veterans’ Administration or private practice.
Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017

16.3 We support veterans and military families and honor them for their sacrifices.

16.4 We support veterans through the utilization of community and/or faith-based programs to assist veterans transitioning into civilian life; this includes programs for suicide prevention, domestic violence, mental health services and substance abuse counseling.

16.5 We support vocational and apprenticeship programs, which assists veterans to be retrained and reskilled for jobs of today and tomorrow.

16.6 We support protecting second amendment rights of veterans.

16.7 We encourage Oregon businesses to hire veterans.

Government Transparency, Accountability and Honesty Government must conduct all business in an honest, fully transparent, and accountable manner. The people of Oregon and its elected representatives must be fully empowered to examine, investigate, act to expose and end public corruption, secrecy, and abuse of the public trust. When corruption has been identified, an effective remedy must be implemented for the good of the people. We believe that satisfying public record requests is a core function of all levels of government, at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner. Government accountability must be regular, independent, impartial, free of collusion and made publicly available.

17.1 We expect all elected officials to maintain the bounds listed in the federal and/or state constitutions.

17.2 We expect elected officials to define laws and avoid deferring to unelected bureaucrats details of policy belonging to the peoples’ representatives.

Religious Liberty

Freedom of religion and rights of conscience are unalienable rights ordained by God, our creator and are the foundation of our society, which no Government can limit or remove. Thus every person should be protected by law from any government-imposed sanctions or reprisals if they conscientiously object to participating in actions that conflict with their sincerely held moral or religious beliefs. The protections include expressing beliefs, acting upon, or refraining from acting against those beliefs. Accommodations, consistent with the constitution, should be made to general laws to protect these rights.

Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation

The Oregon Republican Party believes that an essential role of a limited government is to ensure effective preparedness for and proactive mitigation of the impact on the civilian population, infrastructure, private property, and the economy of disasters, both natural and man-made, and to optimize the speed of recovery therefrom. Elected officials who are uninterested, unable, or unwilling to fulfill this role must resign or be legally replaced in office by leaders who will.

Oregon Republican Party 2017 Platform as amended October 28th 2017

19.1 As the most vital piece of life-sustaining infrastructure for the survival and wellbeing of our civilization, we urgently demand that all necessary actions be taken at all levels of government to harden and actively protect our electrical infrastructure from all threats and that urgent steps be taken to guarantee a rapid recovery from any outage. As a regional generating resource, Oregon is vital.

19.2 In order to maintain and restore vital logistical, transit, and emergency service systems essential to the movement of vital supplies and services, we support a robust, effective fuel delivery and storage plan be devised.

19.3 As humans cannot survive more than three days without potable water; we support steps to ensure access to drinkable water, including hardening of our water purification infrastructure against all threats with emergency backup water and purification supplies for distribution.

19.4 We call upon the state and local governments and communities to plan for and distribute adequate supplies of food and medicine sufficient to sustain our state for at least 30 days in the event outside assistance is not readily available.

19.5 We advocate for Oregon to have adequate plans ready to implement backup voice and data communications options that can serve until regular services can be restored.

19.6 We support realistic, fully resourced “all hazards” mitigation plans to cope with major earthquakes, particularly in the Cascadian Subduction Zone, volcanic events, severe flooding, winter storms, conflagrations, EMP (nuclear weapon’s electromagnetic pulse), and terrorist acts, prioritizing citizens first and environmental considerations second.

19.7 We support proactive forest management, including fuel reduction, which puts Oregonians first. Oregon should coordinate firefighting resources sufficient to successfully fight multiple wildfires simultaneously. We call for an end to “let it burn” policies and constraints on private citizens protecting private property.

19.8 We believe that cyber-security threats present a threat to our states infrastructure, businesses, and citizens. We support severe criminal penalties and aggressive prosecution of anyone attempting cyber-attacks on our state.

19.9 We support aggressive public information campaigns to train and educate citizens on emergency preparedness with special attention to the needs of vulnerable populations.

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