Today there is some big news in the world of Republican politics.  We all know that the Oregon Republican Party is not the Washington D.C. establishment you hear about.  However, often Oregonians are upset with the ORP for what goes on with the elected leaders from other states and even those who are in charge at the national level.  We hear you! Many times your local Republican leaders are among those rallying the loudest for change at the national level as well as here in Oregon.  That is one of the reasons republicans across this state are working so hard to implement the new plan for Republican Victory in Oregon in 2016.  In Oregon, your Republican Party is working to change government at the local and national level.

We hear your concerns about not getting enough change while Obama is still President, and we hear the complaints about “establishment” not standing up strong enough for our Republican principles.  We want you to know that we aren’t the establishment and want conservative solutions just as much as you do! We know that you don’t want your candidates to be anything like the Democrats.  These are some of the reasons we are working with your local Republican leaders at all levels of Oregon politics to build a new strong Republican Party.  

We are building an Oregon Republican Party that can win and save our state from the failed policies and corruption of the Democrats. However, with your help we can do that both in Oregon AND in D.C. as we elect more strong Republicans to Congress, the Senate, and to statewide offices in Oregon.  That is how we can do our part in Oregon to shape the leadership and direction in Washington D.C. 

Your Oregon Republican Party continues to:

  • Call for an end to Obamacare as Americans see their Obamacare subsidies come to an end and insurance premiums skyrocket. 
  • Call for an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. 
  • Plan to make Oregon a Right to Work state and give many Oregonians back their $200-$300 per month that is taken away by union dues that go straight to Democrat campaigns. 
  • Oppose the closing and waste of our forests and timberlands while our families in rural communities suffer.
  • Fight to improve our schools and educational opportunities through competition and school choice. 
  • Fight to roll back the infringements on your First and Second Amendment rights.
  • Battle tax and fee increases coming from the Democrats’ insatiable appetite for your money. 
  • Lead the charge to end the culture of corruption that has plagued our state from nearly 3 decades of Democrat power. 
  • Take every opportunity to remove layer after layer of government red tape to give all Oregonians an opportunity to succeed.
We need your help, we need your input. The success of your Republican Party in saving this state depends on you and those like you.  Can you volunteer? Can you donate? Can you help us influence others to join us in this fight?   Click here to let us know or to take our survey. You can find out more about what you can do to help or find out when events will be by contacting your local republican leaders.  Click here to find out how to contact leaders in your area. 
You can view our website or LIKE us on facebook, or follow us on twitter @Oregon_GOP.
Can you contribute $5, $10, $20 or more per month to fund an ongoing effort to counter the liberal progressive political machine? Or can you donate you time and contact your local county Republican Central Committee and get involved with your local Republicans?  Click here.  Please share and forward this e-mail to everyone you can!
Oregon Republican Party

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