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The following Facebook post from Rep Bill Post of Keizer.  Get it on the website right away.
Tomorrow (2/18) the Oregon House will take up the vote on raising the minimum wage with SB 1532. I don’t know if the other side is just dumb or they really intended this to happen but guess what one consequence is? A $10,000 a year pay raise for legislators! Yep. Here’s a story on that (oh, and in case you think that’s a partisan statement, the non partisan Legislative Fiscal Office gave Rep. Paul Evans a report confirming this fiscal impact). Rep. Shemia Fagan in the Business and Labor Committee on Tuesday night said that the stories from businesses telling about their fears of what might happen should we pass this were “hypothetical”. Yep. Folks, you don’t need to write me, either here or by email….you need to write YOUR state representative and ask them “are you voting for a pay raise?”
Here also is a blog from a Democrat farmer on the effects of minimum wage hike:


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