March 3rd FaceBook Post

I posted the following on the Facebook page “Oregon: Tillamook County Republicans” on March 3rd.


     I am the Chairman of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee. This Facebook page “Oregon: Tillamook County Republicans” has not been authorized by the official political action committee TCRCC.

     It has come to my attention that there have been several posts on this page that are critical to individual Republican candidates. The TCRCC, as a PAC did not make those remarks.

     I realize that many voters both Conservative and Liberal are frustrated & just plain mad with our state and federal governments. However, it behooves us as Conservatives to keep our opinions civil.  To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan, “let’s not criticize our fellow Republicans”.

     Yes, the times are tremulous! Yes, our country is in danger! Yes, we’re mad & upset with the government! But now is the time to keep our wits about us and take the high road utilizing the wise principles taught us early in life.

     As I mentioned in my latest newsletter: “It doesn’t matter if your opinions lean Moderate, Tea Party, Fiscal/Social or Libertarian. We are all Conservative Republicans; we need to put minor differences between us aside and work together as a CONSERVATIVE TEAM!!

Thomas M. Donohue

Yours In Liberty,

Thomas M. Donohue
TCRCC Chairman


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