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The next meeting of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee will be Thursday, January 7th at the Tillamook PUD Building Carl Rawe meeting room (just inside the rear door) located at 1115 Pacific Avenue (Hwy 101 North) in Tillamook.  The business meeting will start at 7PM.  Light refreshments will be provided by the Chair.

      We will be discussing options to support our candidates for the fall elections.  There are no scheduled speakers at this time.

 2015-12-19_1421image008     I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters of our fall raffle.  We had 4 firearms and one US flag for prizes.  The winner of the S&W 40mm is Todd Perman of Oceanside, the Taurus .38 Special is Richard Schindler of Sublimity, the S&W M&P 22 is Jeff Spink of Tillamook and the winner of the Bersa .380 is Jacob Hill of Tillamook.  The winner of the US flag is Delaine Malsbury of Tillamook.  Congratulations!!!

      We had 300 tickets to sell & sold 269 with 31 left unsold.  The odds of winning with any one ticket ended up as 53.8 : 1.

      As we come to the end of the year I’d like to remind you that if you haven’t made a political contribution this year, the Oregon Political Tax Credit allows a full refund of $50 for a single taxpayer or $100 for a married couple filing jointly if you donate to a political action committee or candidate.  That means it doesn’t cost you a dime to support your favorite political organization for those amounts.  I respectfully ask for your consideration to support your Tillamook Republican Central Committee.

      As I write this note, I’m reflecting on Christmas eve tomorrow & what that means.  Most of those who live in this great nation are Christians.  Christmas is a national holiday because the founding fathers of our nation considered it important to reflect at this time of year on the good news brought to mankind at the birth of Jesus Christ.  Yes, the spirit of Christmas giving has gotten pretty commercial but the good will created by the act of giving still prevails in the human heart. 

      The world is not a perfect place and many suffer as I write.  I urge you to offer thanks this Christmas season for our good fortune to live and work in such a great nation and to pray for those whose circumstances are less than ours.

      It is with great respect and admiration as fellow Tillamook Conservatives that I wish all of you and your families a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.  Merry Christmas.

Thomas M. Donohue

Thomas M. Donohue

     Yours In Liberty,


    Thomas M. Donohue

      TCRCC Chairman

 The Tillamook County Republican Central Committee (TCRCC) is a registered Political Action Committee (PAC) with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office (Ore. SOS ID# 340).  Its stated purpose is to “Support Republican candidates and ideals”.  All contributions up to $50 can be deducted from your state income tax.  An individual taxpayer can deduct up to a total of $50 or married couples filing jointly can deduct up to a total of $100.  As of January 1, 2014, there was an income limitation for the Oregon Political Tax Credit.  The credit is eliminated for contributors with federal adjusted gross income of over $200,000 for a joint return and $100,000 for other individual tax returns.  An individual’s political donations are not deductible for federal tax returns.  At this time, all correspondence with TCRCC can be directed to TCRCC c/o Thomas M. Donohue Chairman – P.O. Box 69 Pacific City, Oregon 97135-0069.  The phone associated with the TCRCC is (503) 965-9970.  The website associated with the TCRCC is: 

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