Next TCRCC Meeting?

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No meeting for the month of March and have chosen to adhere to our past practice of meeting on the first Thursday of the month.  I will submit a request to rent the Officers Mess Hall on April 1st and May 6th to re-establish our meeting dates.

We all need to stay involved and take action IT IS NOT OVER YET !

Training below

Western Liberty Network


Richard Burke Executive Director

Western Liberty Network Academy:  Instruction Tracks

  1.  How to run for & get elected to serve local non-partisan offices
  2. How to manage a local campaign or lead a grassroots organization 
  3. How to be an effective volunteer for candidates, ballot measures or projects
  4. How to be an effective citizen lobbyist

WLN is a non-partisan conservative training organization.

Oregon Citizens Lobby


Oregon Citizens Lobby Core Principles

  1.  Fiscal Responsibilities
  2. Local control
  3. Free Markets
  4. Limited Government
  5. Personal Choice & Responsibility

Oregon Citizens Lobby evaluates ballot measures and candidates and post alerts of action through a link to TracktheirVote.org for posting testimony on legislation. 

The Forgotten Constitution of the United States
President Donald J. Trump’s Accomplishments List:

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