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How To Become A Precinct Committee Person


 GOP The vast majority of Conservatives have been disappointed with the direction our GOP2country has been moving.  If we as Conservatives don’t act to maintain our majorities in the House & Senate AND place a Conservative in the White House, we will continue down the road to a communist/socialist totalitarian state instead of back to the representative republic the founding fathers created.

     The easiest and the most important way to ensure you are doing your Constitutional duty as a voting citizen, is to become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP).  Precinct Committee Persons are the “grassroots” of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement.  Becoming a PCP does not cost a dime.  You just file the SEL 105 form attached with our County Clerk, Tassi O’Neil between February 1st and March 8th to be included on the May primary ballot.  If you would rather be appointed instead of elected, contact me.

       The democrat, and now the independent parties also elect their PCPs at this election.  This is done every 2 years.  There are 29 precincts in Tillamook County with 70 PCP positions available for each party.  All current PCP positions are considered open for election or appointment.  Currently, there are 13 males and 3 females serving on the Republican Committee and 6 males and 12 females serving on the Democratic Committee.  Each precinct has at least 1 male & 1 female position.


     PCPs are either elected by the local citizens (minimum of 3 votes) of the precinct the candidate wants to represent, or appointed by their party’s Central Committee.  A person can also be elected or appointed to a precinct that is adjacent to the one they physically live in.  The only difference between a PCP that is appointed or elected is that the elected PCP only, can vote for the Committee’s officers.  All other issues allow one vote per PCP, elected or appointed.

      Elections have consequences; boy what an understatement!!!  “The price of freedom is truly priceless but it’s often paid for by those who value it the most”.  If you value your God-given and Constitutional freedoms, it is time to step up to the plate as a United States citizen and participate in the process to help guarantee those rights.  Our country needs you and our party needs you.

      If you have any questions about becoming a Precinct Committee Person please contact me.

How To Become a Precinct Committee Person

   Yours In Liberty,

Thomas M. Donohue

Thomas M. Donohue

TCRCC Chairman


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