TCRCC March 2 Meeting

at the Tillamook PUD Building Carl Rawe meeting room (just inside the rear door) located at 1115 Pacific Avenue (Hwy 101 North) in Tillamook.  The business meeting will start at 7PM.  Light refreshments will be provided by the Chair.

      The legislative session (or silly season if you will) is in full swing and the usual number of progressive-liberal-feel good bills have hit the deck; along with outrageous tax & spend as well as just plain dumb, stupid out in LEFT field ridiculous bills.  I’ll have a report of several that bear watching and interacting with our legislators about.

      The 51st annual Dorchester Conference will be held in Salem (first time in Salem) March 3rd & 4th at the Salem Convention Center in downtown Salem.  Last year was the first time I’ve attended the Dorchester & had several stimulating Conservative discussions with attendees.  If you are interested in attending, check out their web sitehttp://www.dorchester.org/.  

Continuing with our Citizen Lobbyist training, I will make a presentation on how to read and understand a legislative bill (measure).  This training will take about 20 minutes.  One can’t intelligently comment about legislation if one can’t understand the “legalese” encased in a bill.  If you missed last months “Citizen Lobbyist 101” training, I will have the same handouts and copies of the Power Point presentation available.


     I’m sending this notice out to our mailing lists via two forums.  I’m trying to determine if one isn’t getting the job done.  Would you be so kind to respond to this notice only if you receive 2 separate notices?   If you receive 2 notices, reply and in the subject line type “2”. 

      Dealing with our legislators during the session is some of the most important work, we as PCPs do.  Our RESPECTFUL Conservative voices are necessary to remind our democrat legislators that we Conservatives are paying attention to what they are doing.  Always, probe the opposition’s lines and press forward the charge when weakness appears.  Our opponents may have the majority, but we must always be vigilant and stand up for what is right, morally and politically.

      As mentioned last month, we will be in need of a Vice-Chair soon as David Downs is moving toward the Yamhill or Polk county areas.  If you are interested in serving as Vice-Chair to fill out Dave’s term, please contact our Nominating Chair, Joe Jacobs at (503) 801-0547.  The Vice Chair position is a “Delegate position” to the Oregon Republican Central Committee with voting rights there.


     Yours In Liberty,

    Thomas M. Donohue

     TCRCC Chairman

     HD10 Candidate

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