TCRCC Sept 1, 2016

This months meeting we’ll be examining our finances to determine how much to support our candidates & how we will support them.  To do that we’ll reconcile our fair expenses and our raffle expenses/receipts.  We will need to decide if we will send direct contributions or develop print and radio ads, or a combination of both to support our candidates

I will put together a draft resolution endorsing our candidates that we will discuss, modify it if needed and vote on.  We also need to consider if we want to endorse a County Commissioner candidate.  This resolution would be released to the media in mid-October near the time ballots are mailed for maximum effect.   

      We all worked hard this year and especially at our premier event, the Tillamook County Fair.  It is with much gratitude that I offer my sincere thanks for all of your efforts.  There was discussion at the last meeting to hold an election party or get-together.  Let’s plan for it.

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