Tillamook County Conservatives:

The next meeting of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee will be Thursday, June 7th, at the Tillamook PUD Building Carl Rawe meeting room (the second door inside the rear door) located at 1115 Pacific Avenue (Hwy 101 North) in Tillamook.  The business meeting will start at 7PM.  Light refreshments will be provided by the Chair.

With the Primary election past and our candidates decided, it’s time to start gearing up for serious campaign support for our local and state picks.  This year I’ve been able to utilize the GOP Data Center to produce call lists with fairly accurate phone numbers.  Along with our County Clerk’s voter rolls, we have the tools to help.  I will have some lists for your precincts at this meeting.

     There are several Initiative Petitions that are in the process and many will be on the November ballot.  We need to be aware of what they are and whether to support or oppose them. 

     Since some of you did not get on the ballot, you will have to be appointed as PCPs & determine what precincts you’ll represent.

     It also is time to start preparing for the August Tillamook County Fair.  The fair raffle tickets are printed and will be available for distribution.  We will have 6 prizes; 2 rifles, 2 knives, 1 ammunition reloading kit and an embroidered American flag.  Tickets will be $10 each or 11 for $100 with 500 total tickets available.  As you know, ticket sales are imperative to our candidate’s success as these proceeds support them.

     Keep in mind that our November meeting is our organizational meeting when we elect our Committee officers.  All positions are open to challenge but we especially need a Vice Chair, as David Downs has moved out of Tillamook County & a new Secretary, as Helen Spink has resigned.  Both have served Tillamook County well.  Thank You both.

     I’m looking forward to seeing you next Thursday and working with you this summer.

Yours In Liberty,
Thomas Donohue
TCRCC Chairman
Candidate HD10

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