2015 OR GOP Platform Committee Photos

   2015 ORP convention    “Listening Tour Legislative Panel” = ORP Chairman Currier listens to comments by the legislative panel.photo4

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“Main Convention” = Taken Friday morning.

“Caucus Room”= Tillamook delegate Neil Plasker 2nd from the right rear row.  This Caucus Chair was Mike Lee from Clackamas County.  In the front row far left is James Buchal delegate from Multnomah County and former candidate for Secretary of State.

“Dennis Richardson” = Former candidate for Governor and current candidate for Secretary of State.

“Listening Tour Bill Currier” = Current ORP Chairman

“Listening Tour Legislative Panel” = ORP Chairman Currier listens to comments by the legislative panel.

“Listening Tour Pledge” = Signed by delegates and legislators

The Oregon Republican Party’s 2015 Platform Convention was an exciting time for Tillamook Delegates Thomas Donohue Chair, David Downs Vice-Chair & Special Bonus Delegate Neil Plasker. 

      Thursday, October 22nd offered 2 training sessions for delegates.  The new GOP Data Center national database and the ORP’s new Vibe database trainings were offered twice so all delegates interested could attend.  That evening, a legislative listening tour event allowed delegates to offer pertinent suggestions to legislative leaders.  This tour is a concerted effort by the ORP Central Committee to engage the legislative Republican Caucus to work together with the ORP in the upcoming legislative session in February and the 2016 election season.

      Friday, October 23rd the delegation affirmed the rules of the convention and after lunch, retired to separate caucuses to create & discuss the major sections of the platform & its individual planks.  Some caucuses lasted well into the night after dinner.

      Saturday morning October 24th Friday’s platform caucus work was presented to the convention floor.  Final language was affirmed for each major section and voted on by the credentialed delegates.  A final document was approved just before lunch.  Regular ORP business was finished by 3:00 and the convention was adjourned.

      Click on the 2015 ORP Platform menu to view the entire document of Republican principles.

      Yours In Liberty,

    Thomas M. Donohue

    TCRCC Chairman


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