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Tillamook PCPs & Former PCPs:


GOP      Now is the time to consider whether to continue as a PCP.  Attached is the GOP2SEL105 form to file with our County Clerk Tassi O’Neil after the first of the month.

      I’ve also attached a document showing your current PCP assignments.  I would prefer to keep the Carnahan, Cloverdale and Union precincts the same.  All other precincts are open to your choices. 

      We did have a problem with Joe & Diana Jacob last time in that Diana’s votes couldn’t vote for her as she filed in an adjacent precinct & those folks didn’t recognize her name.  We had to appoint Diana to that precinct after the May primary.

      The one thing that I’d like you to work on is recruiting more women as PCPs.  Wendy is retiring this year and without additional women candidates we will only have 2 women on the committee.

      As you know, we have critical primary and general elections in the near future and we need to act as a team to win.

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Senator Whitsett from southern Oregon expands on the upcoming anti-gun legislation.

On Thursday, January 14, 2016 2:50 PM, Senator Doug Whitsett <sen.dougwhitsett@public.govdelivery.com> wrote:


Doug Whitsett

 Once again, Oregon’s Democratic leadership is planning a further attack on our Second Amendment rights to own and bear firearms.

Legislative Concept 250 (LC 250) is scheduled to be introduced as a Judiciary Committee bill this week. It is nothing less than a major gun control act camouflaged as relating to mental health reporting. Moreover, as currently written, the proposal may violate other provisions of our Bill of Rights.
LC 250 would automatically prohibit the purchase of a firearm by any person who has been reported to the Oregon State Police (OSP) Firearms Unit as experiencing a mental health emergency and posing a danger to themselves or others with a firearm. The automatic prohibition would be in force for 30 days from the time the report is made.

The LC Draft requires the Firearm Unit to establish a telephone number or website where the report may be made. Those authorized to make such a report to the Firearms Unit include physicians, health care providers, licensed mental health professionals, K-12 educators and principals, college and university administrators, professors and instructors, the person’s employer or any member of the person’s family.

OSP’s Firearms Unit would be prohibited from disclosing the identity of the reporter and the reporter would be immune from all civil liability as long as the report is made in good faith. Knowingly making a false report would be a Class A misdemeanor.

The firearm Unit is also prohibited from notifying the person that his or her ability to purchase a firearm is “on hold.” The only way for the person to discover he or she is prohibited from purchasing a firearm would be to attempt to purchase a firearm.

The LC Draft offers the person two methods of being granted relief from the firearm purchase prohibition.

Documentation from a health care provider may be obtained and offered as proof that the person is not a danger to themselves or others. The Firearms Unit is required to lift the firearm prohibition upon receipt to that documentation. The potential liability to the health care provider who makes such a determination is not addressed in the LC Draft.

Alternatively, the person may file a petition for relief from the firearm purchase prohibition in circuit court upon payment of the appropriate filing fee. A copy of that petition must also be served upon the Firearms Unit.

The Circuit Court must schedule a hearing for the petition within five judicial days. The person is required to prove to the court by clear and convincing evidence that he or she is not a danger to themselves or others. The judge will decide whether the relief from firearm prohibition shall be granted.

The LC Draft appears to be silent on how a second or subsequent report alleging danger to themselves or others would be processed. It appears that the same or another authorized reporter would be able to simply file another report with the Firearms Unit even if a medical care provider or a judge determined that a previous report was without merit.

LC 250 has an emergency clause that will prohibit any opportunity for it to be referred by the voters to decide.

Both our state and federal constitutions require the prosecution to prove guilt or culpability in a court of law before sanctions or reduction of rights may be carried. As it is currently written, this proposed bill appears to require a person accused of being a danger to themselves or others to prove they are not guilty. While that level of proof is not beyond reasonable doubt, the clear and convincing level of proof required is certainly more difficult to achieve than the preponderance of evidence required in most civil procedures.

Further, LC 250 appears to prohibit the person from access to virtually any remedy to the significant harm caused to them by the implementation of the proposed law. They would even be prohibited by the law from being allowed to face their accuser.

Oregonians’ Second Amendment rights were deliberately targeted during the 2015 session with the passage of Senate Bill 941. This was allegedly done, at least partially, at the behest of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his affiliates after they provided some of the resources to fund anti-gun bills and their supporters’ campaigns.

All indications are that Oregon Democrats will continue to do the bidding of out-of-state billionaires, regardless of how it may infringe upon citizens’ Constitutional rights. Oregonians would be wise to oppose this proposal, and remember all of this come November.

Please remember–if we do not stand up for rural Oregon, no one will.

Best Regards,

Senate District 28

 Email: Sen.DougWhitsett@state.or.us I Phone: 503-986-1728
Address: 900 Court St NE, S-311, Salem, OR 97301
Website: http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/whitsett

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Update On The Most Dangerous Gun Bill Ever.



Tillamook County Conservatives:GOP2


     The 2nd Amendment haters are back again.  We are in for another fight.  FYI>

On Thursday, January 14, 2016 12:56 PM, Oregon Firearms Federation <off@oregonfirearms.org> wrote:

OFFOregon”s Only No Compromise Gun Rights Organiztion



The Soviet style, false accusation bill we told you about Tuesday has been updated.  Clearly this draft is being “worked” and almost surely will be introduced in February. A copy of the latest version can be seen here.

 We have been reliably informed this is actually Floyd Prozanski’s bill, although Ginny Burdick had previously announced her intention to introduce legislation of this type.

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TCRCC Become A Precinct Committee Person

How To Become A Precinct Committee Person


 GOP The vast majority of Conservatives have been disappointed with the direction our GOP2country has been moving.  If we as Conservatives don’t act to maintain our majorities in the House & Senate AND place a Conservative in the White House, we will continue down the road to a communist/socialist totalitarian state instead of back to the representative republic the founding fathers created.

     The easiest and the most important way to ensure you are doing your Constitutional duty as a voting citizen, is to become a Precinct Committee Person (PCP).  Precinct Committee Persons are the “grassroots” of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement.  Becoming a PCP does not cost a dime.  You just file the SEL 105 form attached with our County Clerk, Tassi O’Neil between February 1st and March 8th to be included on the May primary ballot.  If you would rather be appointed instead of elected, contact me.

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TCRCC Candidate Debates & Training Forum

GOPTillamook County Conservatives:GOP2

      The following is the must see Conservative event to be at, prior to the Dorchester conference this spring. 

      Western Liberty Network was created by Richard Burke & associates some years ago.  Richard is a long time Conservative grassroots trainer here in Oregon.  This event is co-sponsored by a variety of organizations including Freedom Works and the Cascade Policy Institute.

      This event would be worth the entry fee just to hear the debates but the training opportunity is top notch, I promise you.  Those of you who may be interested in running for your local school board, water, sewer, fire district or other local governmental organization need to attend this forum.  It will be a great training opportunity as well as hearing the debates of 3 of our state & federal offices this election season.  Continue reading

Jan. 7th TCRCC will Host Guest Speaker Don Laschober


The next meeting of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee will be Thursday, January 7th at the Tillamook PUD Building Carl Rawe meeting room (just inside the rear door) located at 1115 Pacific Avenue (Hwy 101 North) in Tillamook.  Our guest speaker will address the group at 7:15 PM.  The business meeting will start at 8PM.  Light refreshments will be provided by the Chair.  All Tillamook County citizens are welcome.

United States Senate candidate Dan Laschober will be the guest of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee at their regular meeting January 7th, Thursday evening 7 PM Tillamook PUD Building. Dan_Laschober

Dan Laschober is seeking the 2016 Republican nomination for United States Senator.  Dan grew up in southeast Alaska, received his B.S. in finance from Arizona State University, and went on to earn an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  A fifteen-year Wilsonville resident, he is a husband and father of two college-aged children, and he is currently self-employed as a software and finance consultant.  His diverse professional background includes general contracting, consulting, and he’s held a variety of senior finance roles in a global manufacturing company, including living and working in both Canada and England.  Dan is running on a platform of fiscal discipline, real-world experience, and telling voters the truth.

 Additional information about Mr. Laschober’s candidacy can be seen at www.laschober2016.com or at:  http://laschober2016.com/wp-content/uploads/Laschober-for-US-Senate-brochure.pdf


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