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Next meeting of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee

Tillamook County Conservatives:


     The next meeting of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee will be Thursday November 5th  at the Tillamook PUD Building Carl Rawe meeting room (just inside the rear door) located at 1115 Pacific Avenue (Hwy 101 North) in Tillamook.  The

Business meeting will start at 7PM.  Light refreshments will be provided by the Chair.

      We will be discussing The Oregon Republican Party’s Platform Convention in Bend October 22nd – 24th.

 Click Here for Complete 2015 Platform

          Yours in Liberty,    Platform Convention

     Yours In Liberty,

Thomas M. Donohue


   Thomas M. Donohue

      TCRCC Chair

Straw Poll Final Count

GOP Booth 2015 012

Straw Poll results as of 2:PM August 6, 2015 Plus count on Aug. 7, and 8th

Donalf Trump_CircleDonald Trump   32 votes  plus 28 = 60

Ben Carson    15 votes plus 26 = 41

Scott Walker    13 votes plus 7 = 20  Dropped Out

John Kasich_CircleJohn Kasch     6 votes 8 = 14

Ted Cruz_CircleTed Cruz       6 votes plus 16 = 22

Jeb BushJeb Bush       5 votes plus 4 = 9

Rand Paul_CircleRand Paul     4 votes plus 4 = 8

Mike Huckabee_circleMike Huckabee  4 votes plus 7 = 11

Marco Rubio_CircleMarco Rubio   3 votes plus 9 = 12

Carly Fiorina_CircleCarly Florina   1 vote plus 12 = 13

Allen West 1, Berrie Sanders 1, John Glenn 1, Santorum 1, “none of the above 1” and Rick Perry 2, Dropped Out

For every one that voted Thank You for sharing your thoughts.

GOP Booth 2015 013


Drawing Winners…

This year the Tillamook County Republican Party had a drawing of 500 tickets and 4 Great Prizes. The tickets were all sold out.
Tickets sold out Buy early next year.

The winners are listed below.

The winner of the raffle: Rugar American bolt action rifle in .380 Winchester, Randy Kirchhoff also with a local phone number.

The winner of the hand gun:  the Baretta 92FS Italian 9mm semi-auto pistol, Artie Pierce with a local phone numbe

The winner of  the Leopold VXI rifle scope in 3-9 X 40mm, Joe Jumalo

The winner of the Tailgaiter BBQ by designer Bill Gogue, Bob Dozler a Pacific City doryman from the Salem area

 Aug. 8, 2015 Aug. 8, 2015#1
The photos above are of Mr. Dozle on the left and TCRCC Chairman Thomas Donohue on the right.

On the fishing poll drawing on guessing who made the quotes, 22 got the right answer which was Calvin Coolidge, and their names were entered in a drawing and Tom Jones name drown as the winner.



Day 3 at the County Fair…

A few pictures taken Aug. 7, 2015 at the Tillamook County Fair.  If you haven’t stopped by yet,   Please do. and if you have come back again.

Aug. 7, 2015#1 Thomas Donohue TCRCC Chairman on the left and Dave

Aug. 7, 2015#2  Aug.7, 2015#3    Aug. 7, 2015#4   Aug. 7, 2015#5     Aug. 7, 2015#6  Aug. 7, 2015#7  Did you watch the debate last night, if you did stop by and tell us what your thoughts were, and vote in our Straw poll the results will be posted here on Sunday.

2015 Tillamook Co. Fair

Come visit us at the Tillamook County Fair Aug 5th through 8th.
Our booth is on the left as you come in the north entrance of the main building, just across from the Tillamook ice cream booth.

Hope to see you there.





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