Tillamook PCPs & Former PCPs:


GOP      Now is the time to consider whether to continue as a PCP.  Attached is the GOP2SEL105 form to file with our County Clerk Tassi O’Neil after the first of the month.

      I’ve also attached a document showing your current PCP assignments.  I would prefer to keep the Carnahan, Cloverdale and Union precincts the same.  All other precincts are open to your choices. 

      We did have a problem with Joe & Diana Jacob last time in that Diana’s votes couldn’t vote for her as she filed in an adjacent precinct & those folks didn’t recognize her name.  We had to appoint Diana to that precinct after the May primary.

      The one thing that I’d like you to work on is recruiting more women as PCPs.  Wendy is retiring this year and without additional women candidates we will only have 2 women on the committee.

      As you know, we have critical primary and general elections in the near future and we need to act as a team to win.

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