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Welcome to the 2016 Legislative session. Bills are already being scheduled, no time to prepare for the hearings, by design, as the short session is being used to rush critical bills past you, there is NO provision on the advisory agenda to allow for public testimony to be submitted till Monday when an official Agenda is released! Do not let them get away with this abuse of power, get involved, let your Legislator know that you are being informed and will be active! ATTEND THE HEARINGS!

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HB 4147 Denies firearm purchase if background check cannot be completed



In Committee

Public Hearing 02/04/2016 3:00pm HR 343 
House Committee On Judiciary


Representative Jeff Barker


Representative Brent Barton


Representative Mitch Greenlick


Representative Wayne Krieger


Representative Ann Lininger


Representative Andy Olson


Representative Bill Post


Representative Sherrie Sprenger


Representative Jessica Vega Pederson

Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2016R1/Measures/Overview/HB4147
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2016R1/Committees/HJUD/Overview


HB 4147 Summary

Prohibits transfer of firearm by dealer or private party if Department of State Police is unable to determine whether recipient is qualified to receive firearm.

Limited Government

As the law now stands, if the State cannot show within one business day that you should NOT be able to purchase a firearm, the seller can go ahead with the transfer to you.  So today, when the State Police Firearms Check system is “down” or otherwise malfunctioning as it often is, you can be delayed only a short time if you received an “initial denial.”  With this law, if the FICS unit does not positively say that you CAN purchase a firearm, you are delayed – indefinitely.  Currently about 1% of background checks run in Oregon – 2,000 out of roughly 200,000 checks run per year, result in an “initial denial.” Investigation and state police records then show that 90% + of those are for non-prohibited persons – “false positive.”  So with this law, the 1800 people per year who are not prohibited but are initially denied, can be denied forever or until FICS figures out the problem du jour, whichever comes first. This is a clearly unconstitutional prohibition of exercise of a constitutional right by law abiding people.  Statistics from http://www.oregon.gov/osp/ID/Pages/Firearms-Denial-Information-and-Reports.aspx.  

This is being introduced in an off-year legislative session which were implemented for purposes of small housekeeping work, not introducing radical new changes, and scheduled for a hearing the very first week of session, giving the public very little time to provide input. This methodology is downright offensive.


SB 1551 Allows hold on firearms purchaser by defined “reporters”



In Committee

Public Hearing 02/03/2016 8:00am HR 50
 Senate Committee On Judiciary


Senator Sara Gelser


Senator Jeff Kruse


Senator Floyd Prozanski


Senator Kim Thatcher


President Pro Tempore Diane Rosenbaum

Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2016R1/Measures/Overview/SB1551
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2016R1/Committees/SJUD/Overview

 SB 1551 Summary

Authorizes specified reporters to make report to Department of State Police Firearms Unit that person is experiencing mental health emergency and is danger to self or others with firearm. Directs department, upon receipt of report, to record temporary firearm purchase hold preventing person from purchasing firearm. Provides civil immunity to reporter acting in good faith. Provides that knowingly making false report is criminal offense. Punishes by maximum of one year’s imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Creates processes for person to obtain relief from firearm purchase hold. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Limited government

As with so many bills in the last couple of years, the sponsors of this bill are not listed and it also has an emergency clause at the end which causes it to go into effect before it can be referred to the voters. If you believe your bill is good, why will you not put your name on it?  And why if everyone supports your position as you claim, will you not allow the voters to have a say?  These things alone should disqualify this bill. Then, the bill is deemed an emergency so must go into effect immediately but the rules under which it will be carried out “shall be adopted” by the Department of State Police – with NO time frame given!  So the law is in effect, with no rules or procedures of how to implement it!  Finally, this is being introduced in an off-year legislative session which were implemented for purposes of small housekeeping work, not introducing radical new changes, and scheduled for a hearing the very first week of session, giving the public very little time to provide input. This methodology is downright offensive.

Personal choice and responsibility

This bill as written is rife with the possibility of abuse of the liberties of perfectly sane and law abiding people.  The hold is for 30 days now but once this is in effect that could be extended to a year with a “housekeeping” bill with little notice or public input.  What about penalty for a false report?  Is a class A misdemeanor sufficient penalty for effectively falsely denying someone’s exercise of a constitutional right and possibly endangering their life by denying the means to self-defense? While this bill may be well-meaning, this needs a lot of work in order to ensure that protection of society is gained without loss of liberty.

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Mission of the Oregon Citizens Lobby

Our mission
is to help empower Oregonians by monitoring the legislative process in this state. We analyze bills and track them throughout their life cycle. We also track the actions of state representatives and senators as they work through and vote on these bills. The bills and legislators receive a grade based upon the 5 core principles of OCL. If a politician votes in a manner that violates one or more of these principles it is up to them to explain why they did so. We leave the politics to the politicians.The result of our work is posted at Track Their Vote for the public to review.

Our hope is that this information will help citizens better understand proposed legislation which will in turn allow them to give relevant testimony on bills, lobby their legislators, and hold these politicians accountable for their actions.

Five Core Principles

Fiscal Responsibility
Government should have a limited budget that reflects the vitality of the state’s economy.
Local Control
Governmental power and functions should be as close to the citizens as possible for maximum oversight, control, and responsiveness.
Free Markets
Production and prices should be dictated by the laws of supply and demand without the interference of government in the way of subsidies, price controls, or over-burdensome regulation.
Limited Government
Our government should be charged with administering only those functions essential to society and that cannot be performed by private entities.
Personal Choice and Responsibility
Citizens must be free to pursue life, liberty, and property without undue government interference and to reap the rewards or bear the consequences of their decisions.

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