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From: Thomas M. Donohue <donodoc@centurylink.net>
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 12:14 PM
To: rep.mikemclane@state.or.us
Cc: rep.gregbarreto@state.or.us; Rep.BillKennemer@state.or.us; rep.jodihack@state.or.us
Subject: RE: HJR6 – Constitutional Amendment – In Favor Of


Dear Honorable House Majority Leader McLane:

 Oregon House of Representatives Republican Rules Committee Members

      It is with great joy that I see HJR 6 introduced to the Rules Committee!  As members of the House Committee on Rules I urge you to use any means possible to make this Resolution a Measure and allow it to become law.  

I’ve advocated this idea for over 12 years.  I first heard the concept from another stout Conservative, former Tillamook County Commissioner Chuck Hurliman those many years ago.  Campaigning myself, for Tillamook County Commissioner 3 times from 2006 & for State Representative HD10 this last election cycle, I’ve continually advocated this concept as the only practical way for Oregon to match the US government’s Constitutional status of having a static number of Senators in that body; 2 per state & House representation by population.

      Increasing the number of Oregon Senators to 36, 1 per County, I firmly believe that this concept is the only way to grasp the political stranglehold away from the urban Progressive Liberal majority and FAIRLY allow rural Oregon a respectful voice at the table.

      I realize that as things are, we face an uphill battle with this idea (especially in the Senate), but can you be so kind to show me what are the next steps in bringing this to fruition?  I’m assuming, as a Constitutional Amendment, it would have to come before a vote of the people.  Could this happen coming out of the Rules Committee, or would it have to go to the House floor as an ORS measure?

      Respectfully Yours In Liberty,

     Thomas M. Donohue

      Tillamook County Republican

       Central Committee Chair

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