Next Meeting March 3, 2016

Tillamook County Conservatives:

     Till.Co.Conseratives_ The next meeting of the Tillamook County Republican Central Committee will GOP2be Thursday, March 3rd (tonight) at the Tillamook PUD Building Carl Rawe meeting room (just inside the rear door) located at 1115 Pacific Avenue (Hwy 101 North) in Tillamook.  The business meeting will start at 7PM.  Light refreshments will be provided by the Chair.

   Mark CollshanWe will have several guests including Mr. Mark Callahan (www.callihanfororegon.com) candidate for the US Senate seat held by Oregon’s New York Senator Ron Wyden, as well as representatives from the Lincoln County Republican Central Committee.  There may be other guest candidates visiting that I haven’t confirmed at this time.

      We’ll also be discussing an invitation from the Marion County Committee to participate in a live-stream debate throughout Congressional District 5 for the Republican nomination for Oregon State Treasurer; more details at the meeting.

      It’s also time to consider fund raising efforts to support our candidates this fall.  Don’t forget the Dorchester Conference is also coming up later this month.

      This is always an exciting time for our Committee, visiting with candidate guests and helping them win their elections.  This is also a VERY important time of DUTY for PCPs & volunteers.  You are the grassroots of the Republican Party.  It doesn’t matter if your opinions lean Moderate, Tea Party, Fiscal/Social or Libertarian.  We are all Conservative Republicans; we need to put minor differences between us aside and work together as a CONSERVATIVE TEAM!!  

  You all know the stakes in the upcoming elections.  The results of not working hard enough to get our message to the voters the last few election cycles are as evident as the screen on your TV set, computer or front page of your newspaper.  Elections have consequences!  We need to commit and work harder than we ever have before.  WE MUST WIN, OR LOSE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC FORM OF GOVERNMENT!  THERE IS NO BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.  OUR COUNTRY IS AT STAKE NOW!

        Yours In Liberty,

 Thomas M. Donohue

     Thomas M. Donohue

        TCRCC Chairman

     Blog devider


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