June 8th TCRCC Meeting

 Meeting is scheduled for the second Thursday in June on the 8th, 7pm at the Officer’s Mess Hall.

You will see by the agenda that we will be planning our County Fair program and scope and I hope for a stronger attendance.

  1. 7PM – Invocation & Flag Salute
  2. Introductions: PCP’s and Guests
  3. Minutes
  4. Treasurer’s Report:
  5. Chairman’s Report:
    A. Tillamook County Fair Planning
    a. Theme: Ring the Bell
    b. Petitions
    c. T-shirts? Flags?
    d. Buttons, a most requested item
    e. Volunteers & Schedule
    f. Firearm Raffle & 50/50 Pot

B. State Central Committee meeting report – ODF Meeting
C. Research our 501(3)c State & Federal Status –

  1. Open Floor
  2. Adjournment, Good of the Order
  3. 50/50
The Forgotten Constitution of the United States
President Donald J. Trump’s Accomplishments List:

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